We are studying TOGETHER

This year marks 20 year of Sisonke ECD in operation and one thing the world had not anticipated was the Pandemic called Coronavirus (COVID-19), this disease is responsible for many changes and adjustments and all of not most

The lesson taught in the "Myself Theme" is one the children will need to interact politely with other because of the understanding they will have about other people and also practice respect, the more the children learn about themselve and others they become better people for the future. The importance of reading a name on a tag was learnt on the Celebration of Valentine's day not only for putting the name of the person receiving the Card but also in identifying the person and better communicating with them. The colour awareness and history of the Valentine's Day Celebration was taught to the children.

While the younger children learnt about the two colours (Red and White) representing Valentine's Day by wearing items that have the colours red and white on this day, they also had a colouring activity where they had colour a heart red on a page. On the activity the children stimulated their eye-hand coordination as they were trying to colour only the heart drawing without colouring the rest of the page or the heart drawing outline. When they finish colouring the heart on the page they had to write their name helped by their teacher and their name tag they were wearing on that day.

Other photos from the exercises

When children feel equal they tend to their best not only to pass at the end of the year but to show their peers that they can do their best and this becomes a chain reaction where almost 100% of the class performs well because of this style of learning in the Centre.

Mrs P. Twala